• Course date

    19/9/2023 – 9/11/2023
    Every Tuesday and Thursday 7:30 to 9:30 pm

  • Teaching location

    British Overseas Education Center, 1/F, Wai Hing Building, 148 Prince Edward Road West, Mongkok, Kowloon

  • Number of teaching hours

    15 lessons in total
    14 classroom lectures, each of 2 hours, and the last one is a 6-hour hospital internship

  • Course price


NPV will hold a "Veterinary Assistant Course" in September, which will be taught by Dr. Philip, a veterinarian from the NPV Non-profit Veterinary Association. The course covers "animal care", "professional cat and dog medical knowledge" and "nursing work scope", allowing those who intend to join the veterinary nursing industry to receive professional veterinary training. The "Veterinary Nursing Assistant Course" lasts 28 hours. After completing the course, students will have at least 6 hours of internship and can practice in NPV hospitals. The knowledge learned in the course can be applied. All proceeds after deducting costs will be donated to the "NPV Stray Animal Medical Fund". Those who score 80% or above on the exam can be hired as a full-time veterinary assistant at NPV Animal Hospital and receive an incentive to refund $2,000 in tuition!

Veterinary Nursing Assistant Course

Veterinary Nursing Assistant Course

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