Things to know before shopping

Welcome to NPV’s online ordering service.
Before placing an order, please read the following terms and conditions in detail to ensure that you understand and agree to NPV's service conditions.

1 Definition
1.1 "NPV" refers to the non-profit Veterinary Services Association;
1.2 "You" refers to the person to whom NPV provides products or services, and must be the registered owner of the animal;
1.3 “Point of Sale” means NPV’s clinic, hospital, website or link; and
1.4 "Supplier" refers to the seller and supplier of the goods you order through NPV's point of sale.

2 Check the animal’s dietary requirements:
2.1 Since the animal's physical condition may change from time to time, you should consult your veterinarian before ordering and ensure you understand the animal's dietary needs, including ingredients, species, brand, specifications, etc.;
2.2 Eating unsuitable food may cause discomfort or harm to animals; and
2.3 If you have any questions, please check with your veterinarian first.

3 Confirm order details:
3.1 Before submitting an order, please carefully check the order details, including personal and animal information, selected products, quantity, price, inventory status, etc., and ensure that all information is accurate before submitting;
3.2 If the pet is treated in other institutions, please provide a prescription issued by a veterinarian within 90 days to purchase prescription food;
3.3 NPV will try its best to ensure that it provides the most accurate product information, but network problems or other force majeure factors may cause the information to change, and NPV reserves the right to correct any errors or omissions;
3.4 When the price provided by the supplier is higher than when you ordered, NPV will ask you whether you want to pay a higher price or cancel the order;
3.5 The ordered products may not be resold or used for commercial gain and are only for use by the above-mentioned animals; and
3.6 NPV reserves the right to conduct random inspections, and NPV will reserve the right to pursue any dishonest behavior once it is discovered.

4 Order:
4.1 All products must be ordered through this website and cannot be purchased in stores;
4.2 You must follow the instructions of the veterinarian and obtain the approval of the veterinarian before ordering the types of products designated by the veterinarian for the above-mentioned animals at the point of sale;
4.3 In order to protect the rights and interests of you and other owners, NPV will set purchase restrictions on some special products.

5 Return and exchange policy:
Please see the Returns, Exchanges and Refunds Policy for details.

6 Changes to Terms of Service:
6.1 NPV reserves the right to change all terms and conditions at any time, including adjusting prices, without any prior notice;
6.2 All product prices are subject to the final payment amount;
6.3 The revised terms and conditions will take effect from the date of publication of the NPV; and
6.4 In case of any dispute, NPV will reserve the right to make the final decision.

If you have any questions about the above terms, please contact NPV via WhatsApp +852 6097 0426.
Your inquiry will be processed within 2 working days. Thank you for choosing NPV's service.