Return and Refund Policy

7-Day Product Guarantee (Return/Exchange & Refund Policy)

NPWe Shop|NPV Non-profit Veterinary Services Association (hereinafter referred to as the company) is committed to providing the highest quality products and the highest level of service to its valued customers. When applying for any return/exchange/refund, please read the following carefully:

  • Customers who pick up products from Prince's stores must check whether the products are consistent with the ordered products, whether there is any damage to the product packaging, the shelf life, etc. when receiving the goods. If no immediate response is made, the company will not make any returns/exchanges/refunds. payment
  • The company must inspect and verify the returned products before returning/exchanging/refunding them. If the situation is found to not comply with the company's return/exchange/refund policy, all returns will not be returned/exchanged/refunded. , the company will not be responsible for returning or keeping the product, and may charge the customer's garbage disposal fees.
  • In the event of return/exchange/refund, the shipping or handling fees of the original order will not be refunded. The company will treat the amount of the product actually received as the return/exchange/refund.
  • If the customer's replacement value is higher than the actual amount received, the customer must make up the difference.
  • If the customer purchased the product with promotional gifts, etc., the product must also be returned together, otherwise the refund will not be processed.
  • If the attached gift is returned, the company will deduct the value of the gift or special offer when refunding.

When the customer receives the product and finds that the ordered product does not match the order or the ordered product has been opened or the unopened product is seriously damaged, please follow the instructions below to submit an application within 7 days from the date of receipt of the product so that the customer can follow up. Enter.

  • Step 1 Submit application

    Please email the following information to

    1. Order registrant name
    2. Order registration email address
    3. Contact number
    4. order number
    5. Requests: Return/Exchange/Refund
    6. Clear pictures and descriptions of the product

    Subject description: NPW Shop return/exchange/refund requirements

  • Step 2 Review and return or exchange goods

    NPWe Shop will contact you as soon as possible after receiving the application to discuss and confirm return/exchange/refund arrangements.

    After the application is accepted, the customer can choose to return the goods that need to be returned or exchanged in person or by SF Express to the Prince's store address: 50B Courtyard B, 50 Keelung Street, Prince Edward, Kowloon

    *If the application is successfully accepted, NPWe Shop will bear the return postage.

Our company cannot return/exchange/refund under the following conditions:

  1. The goods are the same as the order;
  2. The goods have been opened (through no fault of yours);
  3. Damage or quality deterioration caused by use
  4. The goods do not have original packaging (such as labels, packaging, etc.);
  5. Goods filled with animal skins or damaged;
  6. The goods are perishable natural products or/and fresh food;
  7. Products that have passed 7 days from the date of receipt;
  8. Each order only accepts one return or exchange.

Refund time

  1. We will process your refund within 5 working days
  2. Please note that credit card refunds may take longer to appear on your statement, depending on the number of business days required by the issuing bank.

When my order is returned/refunded, will I receive a refund or NPWe Dollars?

  1. Returns/refunds will deduct points earned from the entire order/related products/shipping charges.

NPWe Shop|NPV Non-profit Veterinary Services Association reserves the right to change or change the above terms and conditions without prior notice.
In the event of any dispute, NPWe Shop|NPV Non-profit Veterinary Services Association will reserve the right to make the final decision.