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those cats

those cats

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This book contains three novellas: "Uncle Run's New Year", "Fufu's Story" and "Those Cats". The lyrical and sincere writing style touches on themes such as widowed workers, social movements, female friendships and community animals. It is the mottled common people's customs, and it is also a lonely and warm life.

about the author

Zhang Wanwen

Zhang Wanwen likes writing and cares about animals. He won the 25th United Literary Newcomer Novel Award (novella) and the 36th China Times Literary Jury Award (short story). Published works include "The Story of Dust" (Huizhi Publishing House, winner of the 2018 Hong Kong Book Award), "Sixteen Lessons I Learned from Stray Cats" (Qingtong Society), "Sweet Honey" (A Tang Books), "Pole" (co-authored with Mo Yongxiong), etc.