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Community Harmony Tee

Community Harmony Tee

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When talking about "community harmony", everyone will think of the relationship between people, respecting each other and tolerating different voices in the same community. However, "community harmony" is not only the relationship between people, but also the relationship between people and the community. Relationships between animals.

TNR creates an alternative path for humans and community animals to humanely manage and reduce community animal populations, thereby reducing conflicts between humans and community animals.

Since TNR can help improve the relationship between humans and animals in the community, why not put on your clothes and order a "Community Harmony Tee" to spread the TNR concept!

【What is TNR? 】

TNR (Trap. Neuter. Return Capture, neuter, return to the original place of origin). Start by trapping community animals. Afterwards, arrange for sterilization surgery and ear tip trimming for marking. Finally, return it to its original place.