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Hill's Prescription Diet

Hill's Feline & Canine; A/D Urgent Care Canned; 希爾思™處方食品 貓犬重點護理處方罐頭 24罐

Hill's Feline & Canine; A/D Urgent Care Canned; 希爾思™處方食品 貓犬重點護理處方罐頭 24罐

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Provide nutritional supplements to dogs/cats recovering from surgery, seriously ill, or injured

Cats and dogs experience dramatic metabolic changes as they recover from surgery, serious illness, or injury. Under these stressful conditions, the body struggles to maintain normal defenses. Therefore, for these pets in the recovery stage, correct diet is even more important to help their body functions recover quickly.

Hill 's Nutritionists and Veterinarians developed clinically proven nutritional formula Hill's Prescription Food a/d TM specifically for dogs and cats recovering from debilitating conditions.

SearsTM Prescription Food a/ dTM has the following benefits:

  • High content of high-quality and easily digestible protein and fat to meet rising energy needs.
  • High in clinically proven antioxidants to support the immune system and protect against oxidative damage.
  • Increased levels of vitamin B complex and zinc help recovery, skin repair and the body's natural defenses.
  • Increase potassium to replenish what is lost due to disease.
  • Excellent palatability increases the appetite of dogs and cats with poor appetite and encourages them to eat as early as possible.
  • The feed is smooth, moist and thixotropic (it tends to become liquid after mixing), and the feeding method is flexible - it can be fed by hand, bowl, spoon, syringe or tube.

Additional information

Hill's TM Prescription Food for Dogs and Cats a/d TM is a complete and balanced food that provides all the nutrients dogs and cats need. Talk to your veterinarian to learn how Hill 's Prescription Foods can help your pet continue to live a happy and healthy life.

Easy to digest (protein and fat) high Meet increased energy needs
Glutamine high Helps fight complications caused by infection in critically ill patients, enhances cellular immune response, provides an energy source for intestinal cells, and helps maintain the integrity of the intestinal mucosa (intestinal immune response)
Potassium Increase Replenish what is needed due to disease
Arginine and branched chain amino acids high Slow down the breakdown of muscles and organ tissues
Omega-3 fatty acids high Helps fight inflammation
Clinically proven antioxidant formula high Supports the immune system and counteracts oxidative damage
Vitamin B and zinc high Helps with recovery, skin repair and the body’s natural defenses
Thickness Soft and thixotropic (easy to become liquid after stirring) More flexible feeding - use hands, bowls, spoons, syringes or feeding tubes
Energy Density high Reduce feeding amount