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Hill's Prescription Diet

Hill's Canine; H/D Heart Care; 希爾思™處方食品 犬用心臟護理配方

Hill's Canine; H/D Heart Care; 希爾思™處方食品 犬用心臟護理配方

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The heart is the most important organ in a dog's body, and factors such as age or weight may affect its function. Poor heart health can affect your dog's lifestyle and mood.

Because the food your dog eats plays such an important role in his overall health and happiness, Hill 's nutritional experts and veterinarians have developed clinical nutritional formulas to help support your dog's heart health.

Hill's® Canine Prescription Heart Care Formula is a complete and balanced food that provides all the nutrients your dog needs.

How the product works

  • low sodium
  • Rich in L-carnitine and taurine
  • Proper protein and phosphorus content
  • Clinically proven antioxidant formula

Product Benefits

  • Help maintain normal blood pressure
  • Help avoid fluid retention
  • Help dogs taking diuretics replenish lost nutrients
  • Protect important functions of kidneys
  • Supports a healthy immune system

Additional information

Talk to your veterinarian to learn how Hill 's Prescription Foods can help your pet continue to live a happy and healthy life.