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Hill's Prescription Diet

Hill's Feline; K/D Early Support; 希爾思™處方食品 貓用早期支援腎臟配方

Hill's Feline; K/D Early Support; 希爾思™處方食品 貓用早期支援腎臟配方

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One in three cats may develop kidney disease during their lifetime. This disease in cats is difficult to detect because there may not be any obvious symptoms until the loss of kidney function reaches 75%. But a new test can detect kidney disease months or years earlier, when only 25% of kidney function is lost.

Kidney disease is more common in older people, but through early detection and interventional treatment, kidney disease can be kept stable. If your cat is older, ask your veterinarian about SDMA™ testing for early detection of kidney disease. Feeding the right nutrients early in the disease can help improve the lives of cats with early kidney disease.

Hill's Early Support Feline Kidney Food is specially designed to meet the needs of cats suffering from early stage kidney disease. The nutrients in it are clinically proven to maintain kidney function and good health in cats with early-stage kidney disease.

How the product works

  • Appropriate phosphorus and sodium to protect kidney function
  • High-quality protein provides 160% of daily essential amino acid requirements
  • Highly digestible protein (more than 90%)
  • Antioxidants protect cells from oxidative damage by free radicals and promote a healthy immune system
  • Omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil help block inflammation
  • High concentrations of L-carnitine help maintain muscle mass
  • S+OX SHIELD: This formula reduces the risk of crystallization of magnesium ammonium phosphate and calcium oxalate in the urinary system

Product Benefits

The nutrition of Hill's Early Support Cat Kidney Prescription Food has been clinically proven to maintain kidney function and healthy physical condition in cats suffering from early kidney disease. In addition, the product is formulated to help cats maintain muscle mass and reduce the risk of magnesium ammonium phosphate and calcium oxalate crystals forming in the urinary system.

Additional information

Hills Prescription Cat Food k/d Early Support is a complete and balanced kidney care food that provides all the nutrients your cat needs. Talk to your veterinarian to learn more about how our prescription foods can help your cat continue to live a happy and active life.