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Royal Canin

Royal Canin Feline; Blucare; 血尿檢驗包

Royal Canin Feline; Blucare; 血尿檢驗包

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HEMATURIA DETECYION technology blood detection technology by Blucare
Detecting blood in cat urine from granular cat litter

main feature
  • Simple to use
    Easily mixes with cat litter*
  • fast
    It only takes a few seconds and the test results are clear and clear
  • obvious
    Test results visible to the naked eye last for 48 hours
  • Does not cause stress to cats
    Perform a urine test in an environment your cat is familiar with
  • Safety
    Reactants are produced with safe formulas
  • reliable
    Microscopic hematuria can be detected, that is, urine containing water that cannot be detected by the naked eye
    Very small amounts of blood seen
  • Convenient to store
    Two packs in one box, each containing 20 grams of testing particles
    *In order to achieve the best effect of hematuria detection particles, it is recommended to be mixed with lumpy clay-based (bentonite) cat litter.

Benefits for your cat lover Benefits to you
1. Non-invasive urine testing can be performed in a zero-pressure environment 1. Personally monitor the health of your cat’s urinary tract and eliminate any doubts
2. No need to change cat litter or environment 2. Help you determine whether you need to consult a veterinarian
3. Helps in early detection of hematuria 3. Preparing and conducting urine tests is easy and simple
4. Helps prevent possible complications
Keeping track of your cat’s health can definitely be a challenge:
  • Urinary tract problems often recur and require regular monitoring
  • Cats are very secretive animals and they often hide symptoms of illness
  • Visits to the veterinarian can occasionally be stressful for cats (and for owners, too)
  • Usually blood in urine cannot be detected with the naked eye
  • Collecting urine can be stressful for your cat

an innovative solution
Hematuria detection is a tool that can detect blood in a cat's urine at an early stage, making it easier to manage urinary tract health.