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Royal Canin

Royal Canin Canine; Anallergenic Small Dog; 小型成犬高度水解處方

Royal Canin Canine; Anallergenic Small Dog; 小型成犬高度水解處方

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Complete nutritional feed for small adult dogs. This prescription product is specially formulated for pets with food allergies. Use a diet sourced from hydrolyzed proteins to help your pet manage food allergies and reduce your pet's exposure to food allergens. Most pet diets contain complete proteins of varying molecular sizes, such as proteins from sources such as beef, fish, and lamb. When a food allergy occurs, the immune system misunderstands large protein molecules in the diet as possible allergens. The allergic reaction will cause uncomfortable symptoms in pets, such as itching, redness of the skin, or in some pets, tenderness or vomiting. .


  • Designed specifically for small dogs to meet their digestive, dental and urinary tract sensitivities and fit into their small mouths
  • Highly Hydrolyzed Protein Highly hydrolyzed protein, composed of oligopeptides and pure amino acids from a single source, minimizes the risk of nutritional intolerances and food allergies. The production process also focuses on eliminating sources of food allergens
  • Skin barrier formula ingredients can help the skin's protective barrier and maintain skin health